La Bussola - Venice Free Tours

How long are the tours?

Morning tours are usually approximately 3 hours long and afternoon tours are approximately 2 hours long. During high touristic season other free tours might be available, in that case their length will be specified in the tour’s description.


Where do the tours finish?

Each guide has several prepared tours that they can choose to preform, and each free tour will have a different finishing point. So you should ask your guide personally.


How to find the meeting point?



Are the tours really free?

Yes they are free. However our guides are all volunteers of association La Bussola, and it has no sources of income, with an exception of donations that tourist choose to give the tour guide at the end of a tour. Any donations are incredibly appreciated.


How to dress for the tour?

Summer: UV protecting cream, hat/cap, anything that is comfortable and sweat absorbing during extreme heat months, city of Venice is extremely humid, but please consider that if you want to be visiting landmarks on the inside, 80% of which are churches, you need to be covered from shoulders to your knees. Always wear comfortable trainers for a walking tour.

Winter: Because of high percentage of humidity, during winter season, it is always cold. You should wear a scarf, gloves, jacket that you would wear in cold environments. Venice is closer to Germany than to Rome!

When does high tide happen?

October, November, December, January, February, March on the full moon of each month, with windy and rainy conditions at help.


How to prepare for high tide?

You will discover about high tide with a loud siren that goes off couple of hours before the flood. You should buy rubber boots, or the plastic single use ones.


Do we need to bring cash for the tour?

Usually during the tour you will have an opportunity to visit churches and museums if you wish to do so, some of them might have entrance fee. During the tour you will have either a gelato or a hot chocolate break, which would be a shame to miss. You might pass by a bookshop where you can acquire postcards and the city map, and of course the tour guide works for tips.


Are there going to be any breaks during the tour?

  • Morning tour 20 minutes break.
  • Afternoon tour 10 minutes break.

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