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Our tours are complementary with only 10% overlap

The Grand Tour

Campo Santo Stefano | Next to the statue | Venice | Italy

*Starting From 25th of September

 ⅔ of the city 4.5 km~3.1 miles + 14 bridges
4,5 hours 2 x 15 minutes

This is a tour specifically thought for those who have only 1 day in Venice. All topics will be covered and our guide will show you all of the most important landmarks of the city. There will be a break for food, drinks and pictures. This is our best tour.

From 11:20 to 16:00

Morning Tour – Introduction to the city

This tour does not cover St. Mark’s square

 ⅓ of the city 3.5 km~2.2 miles +14 bridges
3 hours 20 minutes

It is the same tour either at 10:00 or at 11:00

The morning tour will cover districts of Dorsoduro and you should see it as an introduction to the city; you will be covering topics such as art, history, society development, gondolas, food and customs, community and lifestyle.


Afternoon Tour – Main Landmarks

This tour covers St. Mark’s square

 ⅓ of the city 2.1 km~1.3 miles + 6 bridges
3 hours 20 minutes


This tour cover districts of S.Marco and Castello, St. Mark’s Square. The tour will last 2 to 3 hours. Topics covered: history, architecture, St.Mark’s square buildings, legends, events, conquests, and governments.