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Our tours are complementary with only 10% overlap

The Grand Tour

Campo Santo Stefano | Next to the statue | Venice | Italy


 ⅔ of the city 4.5 km~3.1 miles + 14 bridges
4,5 hours 2 x 15 minutes

This is a tour specifically thought for those who have only 1 day in Venice. All topics will be covered and our guide will show you all of the most important landmarks of the city. There will be breaks for food, drinks and pictures. The tour will cover San Marco district and St. Mark’s Square, Rialto and San Polo district. The tour ends in Campo San Pantalon.

From 11:20 to 16:00

Morning Tour – Introduction to the city

This tour does not cover St. Mark’s square

 ⅓ of the city 3.5 km~2.2 miles +14 bridges
3 hours 20 minutes

The Morning Tour is an introduction to the city and we have two different routes. You will learn about how the city was built and how it works today. You will see the gondola boatyard, several interesting churches and palazzos.
The 10:00 o’clock route includes la Salute church and the Customs point. It passes through Dorsoduro district ending in Campo Santa Margherita.
The 11:00 o’clock route will take you to the districts of Dorsoduro and Santa Croce finishing in the Jewish Ghetto in Cannaregio. If you choose the 10:00 am route you have enough time to do the Afternoon tour on the same day. If you prefer the 11:00 am route, there is no way to make it on time for the Afternoon tour on the same day.


Afternoon Tour – Main Landmarks

This tour covers St. Mark’s square

 ⅓ of the city 2.1 km~1.3 miles + 6 bridges
3 hours 20 minutes


This tour covers St. Mark’s Square and districts of S.Marco and Castello. The tour will last 3 hours and you will be given time to visit the Basilica. The tour will take you through 10 centuries of Venetian history and architecture. You will learn about St.Mark’s square buildings, legends, events, conquests and governments.