Our Association

La Bussola

The city of Venice is one of the most visited locations worldwide.

However, many people choose to stay here for just a couple of days, not realising that the city has 11 centuries of history.
Our Association, La Bussola, was created to do two things: first, to help at least some of 20 million tourists arriving every year to experience those 11 centuries in 2 days; and second, to make those tourists useful for the city and its heritage.

Members of our association take care in promoting the city’s museums and churches, not just the main landmarks, but also other unique hidden gems that Venice is so rich with. There are over 100 churches and 40 museums in this little town, and each one of them is packed with art.

Our goal is to direct tourists to the right landmarks, providing them all the information they need to understand those places. We build your personal and subjective relationship with this city, and by making the right decisions while you are here, you help preserve Venetian cultural heritage for future generations of people that absolutely must have an opportunity to see this place.

We provide a variety of Free Tours in Venice to help discover the city for tourists, and we are open to any type of collaboration with official institutions that could be mutually beneficial and supports our purpose.